Threads of Hope: Seven Heavens’ Commitment to Palestine

Threads of Hope: Seven Heavens’ Commitment to Palestine

Written by Sára.

We’re watching Genocide unfold in real time.

The bodies of martyrs strewn on the streets, shell-shocked faces of traumatised children- a day doesn’t pass where horrific images of Palestinian suffering aren’t etched into our minds.

As the world watches online, blatant violations of international law are overlooked, and Palestinians are left to grapple with incomprehensible cruelties and trauma alone.

With each scroll, swipe and share- our faith in humanity weakens. It’s an endless stream of atrocities, broadcast between carefully curated photo dumps and overpriced avocado toast.

Their plight has never been so devastatingly visible.

Yet, there it is- an endless stream of bloodied, tax-payer money, funding the very rockets decimating entire Palestinian lineages.

It infuriates us. We feel helpless, betrayed, confused, and sad. But we know we can't look away.

So, out of that rage, sadness and grief- Seven Heavens was born.

At its core lies a deep commitment to justice, catalysing change and standing in solidarity with our Palestinian brothers and sisters. A refusal to remain silent in the face of systemic oppression and apartheid.

In moments of helplessness, this commitment is what the team clings to.

That's why every Seven Heavens piece serves as a proud display of solidarity- to further amplify the Palestinian struggle.

Adorned with key Palestinian slogans, symbols, and landmarks, each design in the brand’s curated collection also serves as a vibrant tribute to the enduring spirit of Palestinian culture and resistance.

And it isn’t flimsy lip service- they put their money where their mouth is.

That’s why 100% of profits are poured into Palestinian relief efforts and humanitarian aid. To provide tangible support where it’s needed.

When you wear Seven Heavens apparel, you're not just making a fashion statement; you're standing against collective apathy, fuelling change where it's needed most, and helping build a more just and equitable world.

Together, we will not let Palestinian cries go unheard. Nor will we let the world forget their struggle.

Because solidarity is more than a statement; it's a force for good.

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