Faith Fuelled

Promoting humanity's values and standing united as one nation.

Non Profit

100% of the profits donated to the Palestine Children's Relief Fund®.

Good Will

Fighting the battle against oppression and injustice.

About Us

Seven Heavens is more than an apparel brand – we're a force for justice.

We refuse to remain silent while our Palestinian brothers and sisters endure the devastating impacts of systematic apartheid oppression. Committed to making a tangible impact, we focus on providing essential support to those in Palestine and beyond who are in desperate need.

Each piece in our thoughtfully curated collection is more than just a statement of solidarity- 100% of proceeds directly contribute to Palestinian relief efforts and humanitarian aid.

Keep up to date with us on our socials as we journey towards a world where diversity thrives, compassion prevails, and our collective actions pave the way for a brighter tomorrow. 

Together, let’s fuel change where needed most.